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5 online shoe size tools compared: how to pick the most fitting

Posted by Monica Nastase on Oct 31, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Monica Nastase


With plenty of online shoe sizing solutions out there, each claiming to be the best option for your e-commerce, how does one choose?

Whether you tried several of them or not, really all you want is to make your shoppers confident enough to finalize that purchase. And that comes with a reliable technology behind the front-end tool.

All size recommendation solutions seem to provide the same end result. But do they?

We compared a few of the other footwear sizing tools with ours; here are the conclusions:


The Size Advisor® vs. 3D scanning

3D scanning devices look like the next generation version of the 1940s X-ray foot sizing machines that became popular across Europe after being invented in the US. Certainly completely safe compared to the cancer-causing shoe-fitting fluoroscope, but coming with logistics that are just as complicated.

3D scanning devices offer a clunky experience. In store they are catchy, even Nike introduced a scan-to-try device as a test in one of their Los Angeles stores. The reporter deemed the process seamless, but added that simply ‘asking an employee for help would probably be easier’. More than that, your foot length has very little to do with your correct size, so even the most advanced technology cannot advise on the right fit.

However, for online shopping 3D scanning devices do not raise to the shopper’s expectations. The buying journey is not seamless as the customer has to take it offline - possibly draw a line with a pen around their foot on a piece of paper, take a photo and upload it on an app. It slows them down and takes them off the e-commerce site. Will your shoppers have the patience to do all that or will they drop off your site?

In comparison, the Size Advisor® is integrated with your online shop letting your customers find their right size with a few clicks. The technology behind it matches them with another customer who has the same foot features. Not just the same size, but the fit of that particular shoe model.


The Size Advisor® vs. size charts

Probably the most wide-spread sizing tools for online footwear purchases, size charts offer generic and average indicators of shoe size based on foot length, but disregard width or the last of specific brands. If you wear well a pair of size 40 Nike shoes it doesn’t mean a pair of size 40 Kickers will fit you the same.

Size conversion charts have proved unhelpful especially when used online, where the shopper cannot try out the product. A UK survey revealed that nearly half of women in the UK wear the wrong size shoes while another states a staggering 90% of American women wear shoes that don’t fit. Part of that is the tricky task of buying shoes online without a reliable size recommendation solution.

In comparison, the Size Advisor® consults purchase transactions from real customers around the world and provides an accurate recommendation based on previous shoppers’ indication of the right fit. We don’t match by sizing only, but we match customers with the shoes that fit them best.


The Size Advisor® vs. internal data solutions

Developing an internal data solution might seem attractive, but it diverts the focus from your primary business, manufacturing and/or selling shoes. Just like you wouldn’t build your own e-commerce analytics tool, why would you invest resources that take from your main business?

The ShoeSize Me platform gives you access not only to state-of-the-art technology built specifically for the footwear industry, but also to multi-brand aggregated and analysed data. Even if you develop an internal solution for your e-commerce, your technology will only be able to draw from your own transaction information and help only your repeat customers. On top of that, you would need to keep your sizing data updated season after season, a tedious process that takes you once again from your core business.

However, a technology that leverages all brands’ transaction information and product inventory is key to accurate shoe size recommendations for shoppers globally. Our global database is continuously surveyed by our artificial intelligence to give the most statistically accurate size recommendations on the market.


The Size Advisor® vs. peer reviews

Publishing peer reviews is another technique e-shops use to help customers get fit recommendations about products. But peer reviews, besides being highly subjective, are mostly useful to understand details about a pair of shoes in general, such as the material used or the real colour and comfort. For estimating the right fit, a single person’s review is irrelevant because each shoe shopper has a unique wearing habit.

So letting your shoppers take after the recommendation of another customer might prove too subjective and tricky when it comes to size selection. Through our multi-brand platform we survey the transaction data of hundreds of thousands of shoppers and recommend to your customers the right fit, confirmed by an unreturned purchase. We use big data to provide an objective, statistically significant sizing solution.



We believe in big data - and what big data can do for your e-commerce. When a solution is based on artificial intelligence that processes massive amounts of footwear information, including feedback of real customers who have bought those shoes and brands before, it is capable of giving a truly accurate size recommendation. Other tools are approximate, subjective or simply obsolete. Some even have the opposite effect, as most shoppers who consult a size chart abort their purchase, due to size confusion.


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