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6 shoe shopping statistics: the impact of sizing technology

Posted by Monica Nastase on Nov 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Monica Nastase



Not all sizing tools provide the same results, as this comparison of 5 online sizing solutions shows. As each sizing technology brings different results to your e-commerce, shoe shoppers also adopt them differently.

We took a deep dive into our historic data across all our customer base, footwear brands and retailers in 16 countries, to outline how shoe shoppers use the ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor® and how they change their purchase behaviour when they get sizing advice and when they don’t.


SHOPPERS return fewer products

Our customers who have the Size Advisor® implemented see return rates drop from the first month.

This year, we have helped reduce return rates by -12,72% on average, for all our customers. Some of the greater return rate reductions were for Dutch brand Filling Pieces (-16,5%) or for German retailer Globetrotter (-15%), while on the lower end of return rate reductions were the Seven Feet Apart brand with -8% and German retailer Görtz with -7,46%.

These lower return rates directly relate to shoppers getting and following our tool’s sizing recommendation, and not returning the shoes due to wrong size selection.


customers look for online size help

The overall click-through rate (CTR) for the Size Advisor® is currently 4.36% (average for 2018).

To put things in perspective, the average e-commerce CTR is 2.69%. The Size Advisor® performs 60% better than the average CTAs on an e-commerce page. Out of the shoppers who clicked through our advisor, 80+% got a recommendation.

We give an average of 425.000+ recommendations per month for all our customers combined. Large retailers like Globetrotter give over 21.000 shoe size monthly recommendations through our tool while brands like Lloyd, which sell about 800 products online get over 7.200 monthly recommendations.


SHOPPERS place more orders and spend more per order

When shoppers’ confidence raises and they trust they will buy shoes in the right size, they also buy more. For example, this year we helped retailer Deerberg get an additional net revenue of over €19.000 with the average cart order value increase by 4,72% per customer.

So far this year we have helped sell over 5.600.000 pairs of shoes across all e-commerce platforms where the Size Advisor® is live.


Calculate your own potential extra revenue

Shopper insecurity about shoe sizing is the main reason customers don't buy footwear online and an important factor causing high return rates when they do finalize a purchase. Our historic data shows that customers who shop on the e-commerce platforms where the Size Advisor® is installed buy more (conversions increase) and return less when following our advice.

In turn, the bottom line increases for our customers as shoppers spend more per order and they don’t have to deal with direct or indirect costs of returns.

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