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The future of footwear sizing: pioneering a digital standard

Posted by Monica Nastase on Jan 30, 2019 10:42:04 AM
Monica Nastase

Big data can help solve shoe sizing issues

What if all footwear brands joined forces in a global collaborative project to get the sizing inconsistencies resolved?

We recently sat down with the American Footwear Distributors and Retailers Association (FDRA) to discuss the options to solve sizing issues with the help of big data. We propose to leverage our global footwear database of over 4500 brands and 1.5 million footwear models, while FDRA offers a safe space to discuss this important topic among all footwear brands, with a clear goal to help the industry advance.

By coming together in a global collaborative effort, all footwear brands can engage to drive forward the normalizing of shoe sizing across markets. The ultimate benefit represents better business for both brands and retailers: reduced returns due to wrong sizing and increased online conversions to boost customer trust.

Read more about this seminal project and its implications for the entire footwear sector, in our exclusive editorial for WhichPLM, the online magazine dedicated to product lifecycle management for the retail, footwear and apparel industries.



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